Bonus: A Few Screws Loose (Can I At Least Get a Blow Job?)
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November 20, 2018
Welcome to the first episode of A Few Screws Loose!Dan and Paul recently launched A Few Screws Loose: The Podcast, a podcast about living with mental illnesses and mental health in general. We’re running episode 1 here in order to promote awareness for people who don’t follow either one on social media. If you enjoy this podcast subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts,, or where ever you listen to podcasts. We will resume our normal format next week!In episode 1 Dan and Paul interpret some memorable Mike Tyson quotes that sound crazy on the surface but really aren’t as crazy as they sound. We move on to talk about the wrong combinations of medication and how we’re trained boxers who also carried guns… while unknowingly (or not) suffering from mental illnesses. Lastly we take a look at occupations with the highest mental illness and suicide rates.(0:00) Intro. (4:35) Decoding Mike Tyson. (15:08) The Wrong Combo of Meds. (37:21) Podcast Recommendation: The Awakened Soul. (38:22)…