Sodom and Gonorhea
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December 26, 2017
This week Ann, Dan, and Becky discuss sodomy… laws! What is sodomy? Though it varies from state to state, sodomy is generally anything other than traditional man on woman vaginal intercourse. Afro-Becky embarrassingly reads a number of sexual acts to see what’s considered sodomy and what isn’t. Becky (not surprisingly) has never heard of more than half of these acts. About 12 states still have anti-sodomy laws on the books including our great state, Louisiana. Anti-sodomy laws are discriminatory in nature and have historically been used to target members of the LGBTQ. Prior to 1962 sodomy was a felony in every state but most states have since repealed their anti-sodomy legislation. Some of the harshest punishments included castration, life imprisonment, and death. Acts Covered: Fingering/Fisting Rim jobs, Rusty Trombones Rubbing one out Double Penetration Doggy, Froggy, Reverse Cowgirl Mustache rides “Dan on Drugs Black don’t crack unless it’s your back spectacular smash” (TM) * _Questions covered:_* How do…