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Question: What do blackmail, herpes, vaginal branding, starvation, and rubber cow utters on women’s breast have in common? Answer: NXIVM (2:21) NXIVM (pronounced nexium) Those unfamiliar with the title may be wondering what the hell it means. It’s pronounced “nexium.” (4:50) What is NXIVM? NXIVM is an underground sex cult led by Keith Raniere, disguised as a multi-level marketing company. NXIVM has been making headlines lately because actress Allison Mack and cult leader Keith Raniere have been indicted on charges of sex trafficking and forced labor. (7:37) Who is Keith Raniere? We take a look into Raniere’s past as a con artist, alleged pedophile, and self-proclaimed self-help guru. We also take a look at some of the practices inside of NXIVM. (22:24) Sidebar: All these hoes. Dan doesn’t have a problem with men having multiple sex partners. He doesn’t have a problem with women having multiple partners either… as long as they’re not women he’s involved with. (27:12) Back On Track: Voluntary Blackmail. New…