36 - A Canadian veteran’s journey to recovery with medical cannabis
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September 20, 2017
On this episode of The Cannabis Show, Canadian military veteran Mike Parsons shares his inspiring story in using medical cannabis to treat symptoms related to a hip injury and PTSD, weaning himself off a “cocktail” of pharmaceuticals, and reconnecting with himself, friends and family. “I was on about nine different medications for about 10 years at the time,” Parsons recalls. “It was a bumpy road… There was a lot of different types, everything from anti-depressants, mood stabilizers, to things for pain relief.” Cannabis, he adds, “brought me back to who I was.” Also, Hart and Basil square off in another round of Strain vs. Strain, with Hart trumpeting Hydropothecary’s CBD-rich Honeydew strain and Basil champions Medreleaf’s high-CBD strain AviDekel.