Dark Souls is Good for your Mental Health?!
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- Episode 1 of a new season and a 7 episode arc on Games + Mental Health - Dr. Jennifer Hazel is a psychiatric doctor and the founder of Checkpoint Organization - Checkpoint is a nonprofit that raises awareness and gives resources about mental health in the gaming community - Normalizing the language around mental health - The results of the latest research on the psychological benefits of video games (hint: RPGs are apparently amazing) - The number 1 game that gamers find improves their mental health - Mass Effect. With Dragon Age as a close second. - The particular value of playing stealth games - Why games are so difficult to research - Wait - Dark Souls is GOOD for your mental health?! - Escapism and games - self-expansive and self-suppressive (Link to research) - Retelling the story of you gaming experience - from gamer guilt to embracing your identity - Dr. Hazel and I share our experiences of using our passion for games to reach beyond our comfort zones to help fellow gamers - How the Checkpoint video…