Bonus Level! + Turn Life into a Game Part 2 + Habitica + Leslie + 009
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I speak with Leslie – one of the current operators of Habitica – the app that turns your life into a game We talk about how Habitica has been helping people with everything from flossing to getting through med school How we wish that we would spend as much time on ourselves as we do on our avatar How games hold the key to so many productivity efforts: motivation How Pokémon (aka Pokemon) and Dungeons & Dragons influenced the design of Habitica How Habitica toes the line between being a game and being some that helps people be productive The summer of Pokémon Go How Habitica mixed the excitement of gaming and the open-source community with the goals of launching a successful and effective tool Links Habitica Habitversary Tumblr Offers Sudio Sweden headphones and earbuds – use offer code INTELLIGENCE15 at checkout to get 15% off +++++++ Share this Episode: 1-click Twitter share 1-click Facebook share 1-click Google+ share Link to this episode +++++++ About +7 Intelligence +7 Intelligence is the podcast about…