How to Quit Gaming Addiction
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- Cam Adair, founder of Game Quitters on video game addiction - His personal struggle, turning to games for help, and realizing how he could improve his life without them - The American Psychiatric Association (APA) criteria for Internet Gaming Disorder in the “Conditions for Further Study” Diagnostic Statistical Manual 5th Edition (DSM5): LINK - ^ basically, how a group of psychiatrists wants to define what we are always calling “gaming addiction” - What your first step should be if you think you might be addicted to games - Why it is so important to understand why you play the games that you do and the way you do - The level of stimulation that games provide - How games fulfill basic human needs - The WHO classification of “gaming disorder” - How pictures of kids playing video games could have huge consequences Links - +7 Intelligence Discord Server - Join an awesome community all about the power of games to influence our lives and the world around us. Come chat and play games with me and your fellow…