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- Dr. Steve Kuniak, mental health professional and founder of Experience Points - Dr. Kuniak shares his experience as a person looking to games to get through hard times, as well as a professional, helping other gamers - Problem-focused coping - what it means that gamers favor this approach to handling their challenges - Gamer motivation profile, BrainHex: LINK Links - +7 Intelligence Discord Server - Join an awesome community all about the power of games to influence our lives and the world around us. Come chat and play games with me and your fellow listeners - Castbox - Experience Points - Experience Points on Twitter +++++++ About +7 Intelligence +7 Intelligence is the podcast about how games impact people. Each episode explores a different perspective on how games profoundly influence the real world. Interviews with game designers, psychologists, professionals, and everyday players discuss the unique way that games influence their life and work. +++++++ Listen to the show: Apple Podcasts | Android |…