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The director of an upcoming documentary on how video games can help alleviate mental health issues, Emily Crawford, shares her experiences with games, mental health, and filmmakingSupport the documentary on IndieGoGo Links+7 Intelligence Discord ServerJoin an awesome community all about the power of games to influence our lives and the world around us. Come chat and play games with me and your fellow listenersMr. KoyaUse the code PLUS7 at checkout to get 20% off an order of 2+ shirts and get FREE shipping! The Polygon ShowEach week, four of Polygon’s best and brightest gather to cover the latest news, chat about games, and answer your burning questions. Game Flow IndieGoGoGame Flow website Jane McGonigal’s TED talkFlow - by Mihaly CsikszentmihalyiTeam Chat PodcastTeam Chat Podcast Twitch - Extra Life charity stream Nov 3rd! +++++++ About +7 Intelligence +7 Intelligence is the podcast about how games impact people.Each episode explores a different perspective on how games profoundly influence the real world.…