The Psychology of Games + Dr. Jamie Madigan + 006
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Dr. Jamie Madigan spreads awareness of what psychology can tell us about video games.How psychology plays a role in designing video games.How a study about memory explains the “one … more … turn … ” phenomenonHow the psychology of arousal might explain why you play games through the night. LinksThe Psychology of Video Games WebsiteDr. Madigan’s Book: Getting Gamers+++++++Share this Episode:1-click Twitter share1-click Facebook share1-click Google+Link to this episode+++++++About +7 Intelligence+7 Intelligence is the podcast about how games impact people.Each episode explores a different perspective on how games profoundly influence the real world. Interviews with game designers, psychologists, professionals, and everyday players discuss the unique way that games influence their life and work.+++++++Listen to the show:Apple Podcasts | Android | Spotify | Stitcher | Google Play | RadiopublicRSS feedFind the show online:+7 Intelligence WebsiteOn Twitter: @7_IntelligenceOn Facebook: @plus7intelligence+7…