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+7 Talks with Travis Eriksen of the Gamer-founded charity, Child’s PlayWe talk about how Child’s Play was founded by gamers of Penny Arcade wanting to counter negative press with positive actionHow the most uninteresting game of all time is used to raise moneyChild’s Play donates games because the positive effects on mood, morale, confidence, and even because it reduces the need for pain medicationPlease consider donating to Child’s Play – if that’s not something you can do, then spread the word around.LinksChild’s Play Charity Home PageThe Therapeutic Game GuideDonate to Child’s PlaySnow World – pain reduction in VRDesert Bus-the most inoffensive video game of all time from Penn & TellerTiltifyPenny ArcadeEEDAR – the videogame database Quora Session with Ches – taking questions until Wednesday 8/9, 4pm Eastern. That is when you will get to start seeing my responses. You can submit questions about the show and anything else you see fit! +++++++Share this Episode:1-click Twitter share1-click Facebook…