3: Be nice to Newbies
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— The Cliff Notes — Ubuntu 17.04: The bittersweet Linux release The company dropped its smartphone and tablet plans. This, in turn, ended to its plans to make Unity its universal default interface. Instead, Gnome will become Ubuntu's once and future desktop. Days later, long-time CEO Jane Silber resigned in favor of the company's founder Mark Shuttleworth. 11 States Considereing Right To Repair The bills would require manufacturers to sell replacement parts to consumers and independent repair companies and would also require them to open source diagnostic manuals. It would also give independent repair professionals the ability to bypass software locks that prevent repairs, allowing them to return a gadget back to its factory settings. Right to repair advocates are looking at this movement as a perhaps decade-long process that will require a grassroots movement of consumers to push back against the long-entrenched repair monopolies of companies like Apple, John Deere, and video game console manufacturers.…