5: The Cost Of Cloud
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This week we talk about PayPal and other payment providers you can use to send and receive money, the cloud & of course - we take your calls. — The Cliff Notes — Paypal - The Worst Example of Customer Service Cloud Connected Garage Door Cloud Connected Garage — Noobs Corner — Tips for buying used tech on Ebay Read the description carefully Look at the photos carefully Ask questions before bidding Don’t be afraid to give it a shot! Check out bidnapper.com to automate bidding Quick and Dirty RSync Guide — Stay In Touch — Find all the resources for this show on the Ask Noah Dashboard Ask Noah Dashboard Need more help than a radio show can offer? Altispeed provides commercial IT services and they’re excited to offer you a great deal for listening to the Ask Noah Show. Call today and ask about the discount for listeners of the Ask Noah Show! Altispeed Technologies Contact Noah asknoah [at] jupiterbroadcasting.com — Twitter — Noah - Kernellinux Ask Noah Show Altispeed Technologies Jupiter Broadcasting