44: RedHat with Brandon Johnson
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We pick up where we left off last Friday with our discussion about Spectre & Meltdown. Brandon Johnson from RedHat joins us to talk about this important topic & what he and his team at RedHat are doing to mitigate this disaster. — The Cliff Notes — Problem Booting Windows with AMD Meltdown and Spectre for Non Technical Users Meltdown and Spectre the Battle Continues Meltdown Attack Simply Explained What RedHat says You Need to Know Microsoft Haults Patches Microsoft Haults Patches Cont. Meltdown Spectre Bug Collision Kids Router RedHat Opens up Resources For You RedHat Resources Linus Torvalds Advice to Intel Intel CEO Sale of Stock Before Security Bug Reveal Intel Bug Performance Hit Intel Bug Fix Kernel Fix Canonical Updates for Meltdown and Spectre +Intel SPI Bug Fix BIOS Fix Download Backup BIOS Fix Update See How the Ask Noah Show Got Started (video) VoxTeleSys — Stay In Touch — Find all the resources for this show on the Ask Noah Dashboard Ask Noah Dashboard Need more help than a radio show can offer?…