28 (W/ Mandy Chacon) - “No Questions Asked”
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*Explicit Content* In this episode we read a prison story from, “Strange Stories from Sing Sing”! Happy #PodcastFriday everyone. I took two weeks off and I am back better than ever! So let’s get to the meat and potatoes of this. I got a tiny ass book from my mother in law for Christmas as she knew about the podcast and wanted to give some content for us. She hit a home run as this book is a rare original piece - Copyright 1934. I bring Mandy back for another go around to provide some laughs for the peanut gallery! She chose a story about a criminal that is looking to plee his insanity to avoid the electric chair, the debauchery that ensues is hilarious and how it ends is even more classic. Sit back, listen on your drive to work, take your shower, whatever the hell it is you find yourself doing - ENJOY a new episode of Short…Story…Bingo! Press play, enjoy, like, share, rate, comment, and subscribe! It really helps. #RandomTwitterFollowerShoutOut @thesaranoh Buy the book, “Strange Stories From Sing Sing” here:…