26 (W/ Tristan Manning) - “St. Valentines Day Massacre”
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*Explicit Content* In this episode, my bro Tristan and I read from History.com about the, “St. Valentines Day Massacre”. Happy #PodcastFriday. Another episode in the books! This week I bring my bro Tristan in to riff with me about the, “St. Valentines Day Massacre”. It was difficult to find an exact story about that event. Mostly because, very few witnesses were able to give accounts of this transcedent moment in organized crime. This was literally was a test for the budding FBI and more vigilant forces within the communal government to bring some sort of sanity to an insane world. BUT, still this was the wild west, as murders still happened unreported and unsolved. Incredible time to say the least. As, always thank you for your continued support f funnyy and originality. Sit back, listen on your drive to work, take your shower, whatever activity you find yourself doing - ENJOY a new episode of Short…Story…Bingo! Having said that, press play, enjoy, like, share, rate, comment, and subscribe! It really helps.…