13 - “Dancing Like We’re Dumb”
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*Explicit Content* In this episode we read - once again - out of, “The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror 23”! Happy Halloween…AGAIN! Another month is in the books ladies and gentleman, that’s right, 2018 is that much closer. Thinking of your resolutions yet? Me either. I say, worry about the present. The verb present, which is what you are receiving with another episode of, Short Story Bingo! This story, is my favorite to date. “Dancing Like We’re Dumb” is written by Peter Atkins, who also wrote, Hellraiser: II, III, IV! In a very modern tale in LA, you can feel, smell, and picture vividly. I swear, this story had me from the first sentence, as it begins with a description of a carjacking in literally something that I would have wrote for like a GTA bit or something. It stays very compelling throughout, weaving in and out of the present and five hours before to detail how Kitty got in the position she is now. Please excuse my little sniffles every now and again, I am a tad under the weather but made sure to…