11 ( W/ Dirty Pete) - “The Tower”
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*Explicit Content* In this episode we read out of, “The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror 23”! I strolled my happy ass into Barnes and noble recently to go pick up, “The Art of the Donald”. Seriously - I did. Instead I got lost in the short stories and damn mystery/horror section again. Mind you, after watching, “IT” I was itching to read something scary. So, in short, fuck you Donald, a short ass fictional story won that purchase escapade. I quickly was enthralled with all the new authors I was being introduced to, the new takes on horror, and just a big ass book full of content to introduce to you all! Mark Samuels has a very expansive vocabulary and a way to breakdown a location so well. “The tower” will show you that. In my attempt to pronounce words that I was just reading whilst also keeping pace with the momentus story line was a pleasure. This is a psychological thriller, which is not a spoiler, just saying don’t expect anything all gory and overly apt to depict a ghoul that is at times way to over the…