3 - “Jeff The Killer” (CreepyPasta)
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*Explicit Content* In this episode we read from a story from creepypasta.com, “Jeff The Killer”! I’ll admit. I have been distant from creepypasta for too long. That is why when my friend Alex suggested I read a story from their I damn near hit myself because it is LOADED with gold! This story is no different and beyond that is a cult classic, at least in the internet age. This story has been changed, updated, re-done, I don’t know how many times but the original has always been creepy as fuck! Sit back, relax, enjoy some popcorn, a beer, or whatever the hell it is you do when you listen to your podcasts. Enjoy, please share with your firends, like and subscribe and let’s get the word out! “It’s Like Audible…sorta.” PLEASE Email us ALL of your new stories you want heard, comments or anything you want menitoned, etc… to [email protected]