8 (W/ Will Wonder) - “A Dream of Red Hands”
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*Explicit Content* In this episode we take a dive into the mind of infamous Bram Stoker in , “A Dream of Red Hands”! This story is not quite, “dracula”, which is not what I was expecting as it was anyhow. But I will tell you that this certainly takes an emotionally short rollercoaster of its own. I was joined in this episode by my good friend and DJ, Will Wonder (@DJWillwonder), him and I share some laughs whilst being taken aback at the progression of the characters. Being that this story was originally published in 1894 I am surprised at the longevity of it, asin, that it stil reads well today. Having said that, press play, enjoy, like, share, rate and subscribe! #RandomTwitterFollowerShoutOut @alnpodcast PLEASE Email us ALL of your new stories you want heard, comments or anything you want menitoned, etc… to [email protected].com