12 - “They Die Nameless”
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*Explicit Content* In this episode we read another gem from, “The Creepypasta Collection”! Happy Halloween! Yes, this time of the year always provides a good spook or two, candy that you hope hasn’t been opened, and scary stories to scare your friends or yourself with. We dive back into the CreepyPasta series with this episode. “They Die Nameless”, is a story that captivates and low-key educates at the same time. I was intorduced to new historical figures in Akhenaten, Sekhmet, and King Tut’s dead miscarriages. Yeah, I said it. Well, technically the story says it. Anywho, I am very happy to be back on track, shout out to Canada as the newest leader in DL’s amongst countries other than the US. This story is chilling. Not much to add to that, except, imagine fading into nothingness. Losing all your friends, family, etc… This story follows a very eager, drivern, and young scholar who fell in love with his career. Curiosity get’s the better of him and well, he opened pandora’s box, which in this case is a…