17 - “Scarface Al”
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*Explicit Content* In this episode I read from the infamous, “The Mafia: Encyclopedia Second Edition”. Welcome back, I cannot tell you how much I apprecaite all of you! Today we find ourselves in the throws of organized crime. As explained in this story, Al Capone was certainly not the “most” notorious, but was arguably the most recognized. We are taken through a brief history lesson to move the needle within ourselves about the man that handled prohibiton with dolaar sign in his mind. Shout out again to the UK, they are pulling the most from out of the USA, shout out to you, and shout out to having a damn good time! Sit back, ride to work, take your shower, whatever activity you find yourself doing - ENJOY a new episode of Short…Story…Bingo! Having said that, press play, enjoy, like, share, rate, comment, and subscribe! It really helps…at least that’s what they say. #RandomTwitterFollowerShoutOut @gabinogrhymes Read about Al Capone an others in, “The Mafia: Encyclopedia Second Edition” here:…