15 (W/ Joey Montes & AP) - “The Wampanoag Side of the First Thanksgiving Story”
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November 24, 2017
*Explicit Content* In this episode I read an article, “The Wampanoag Side of the First Thanksgiving Story”. I am happy you made it this week. Welcome back to Short Story Bingo; Thanksgiving edition! I searched for a native perspective of how the whole thing went down. We don’t shy away from the truth over here at SSB. I am a big proponent of family getting together at any occasion, but I am not so keen on how the “first thanksgiving” really happened. I have Native friends and family so this holiday always seems a bit contrived for me. Nevertheless though, I sat with two of my friends, Joey and AP for this episode. We yet again let the story speak for itself but it is hard not to take some time to comment on the nuances. We kept it short and sweet and ended with a new song from AP, called, “Bottles”. Link is below! Having said that, press play, enjoy, like, share, rate, comment, and subscribe! It really helps…at least that’s what they say. #RandomTwitterFollowerShoutOut @joeycutless Read the article, “The…