29 - “Fred West”
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*Explicit Content* In this episode I read about another psycho from the, “Serial Kilers Encyclopedia: The Encyclopedia of Serial Kilers from A to Z”. Happy #PodcastFriday everyone. Alright, we are back on track and ready to rock and roll for you beautiful and loyal listeners. I dive head first, no hands pointed bullshit, into a serial killer by the name of Fred West. Oh, and his crazy ass wife Rosemary also. These two were pieces of work that terrorized those around them into silence or death. Very sad what their children had to bear in order to live out their day to days. This is one of those episodes where I have to stop yself with some jokes because even I know that they may be too cruel based on the circumstances. I am happy to be back full force though, we are at EP 29 and rolling right along on this journey of reading, drinking, and laughing. Love y’all and hope you enjoy! Sit back, listen on your drive to work, take your shower, whatever the hell it is you find yourself doing - ENJOY a new episode of…