8- America the Bilingual Podcast - American Outliers
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Many of us dream of living abroad but few of us actually do. Yet here’s the thing: I’ve interviewed hundreds of native English speakers who have become bilingual and nearly all of them, at some point, lived abroad. Often, it was in a study abroad program. Something that brothers Philip and Cyrus Roepers, true outliers, took advantage of. Because of the critical role of study abroad in fueling American bilingualism, I set about trying to find whether there might be some organization that studies and promotes the activity. It didn’t take long to learn that there is. Music in this episode with a Creative Commons Attribution License by: Kevin Macleod - Quasi motion http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Kevin_MacLeod/Global_Sampler/Quasi_Motion Francisco Penilla - Chicle bombita https://soundcloud.com/francisco-penilla/francisco-penilla-chicle-bombita Lloyd Rogers, with the Cartesian Reunion Memorial Orchestra -Draw me a sheep (Act I)…