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There’s this misperception out there that you need to have a bunch of money socked away before you can invest in either a retirement account or taxable account. Some of this advice comes from popular pundits who promote a debt-free-first lifestyle, some of it comes from the legacy model of investment advisors that only work with clients with a minimum threshold of investable funds. The fact is, the sooner you start investing, no matter how small that number is, the more exponential the growth of your nest egg. The math is crazy! IN THIS WEEK’S EPISODE * How real life impacts average folks you and me and The Modest Millions Show * Misperceptions around what you need to get started with investing * How debt-free-first philosophies, like Dave Ramsey’s method, can be detrimental to your nest egg * How to dip your toe into investing without needing a huge stack of Benjamins * A time-value of money example to illustrate the power of small dollars * Budget tips to find those extra small dollars TRANSCRIPT The Power…