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On today’s inaugural episode, we talk about the goals and objectives the podcast, household budgeting, the difference between “retirement” and “personal finance” one of the first tools I used while getting a handle on our personal finances and I’ll give you a little background info as we chart our household’s journey to Modest Millions. IN THIS WEEK’S EPISODE * Personal finance principles * Budgeting basics * Household budgeting * Objectives and goals of this podcast * Difference between “retirement” and “personal finance” * Quick overview of Personal Capital * A little about my situation and background BREAKING THE RULES OF RETIREMENT: A MANIFESTO I don’t know about you, but personal finance can be a scary and confusing topic. I’ve always found it to be interesting, but I’ll be the first to admit: it’s complicated. It’s easy to worry about doing it wrong, or you might think that it’s only for those who figured out some secret money handshake back in the 80s. For me, the principles of personal finance were…