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Today, we tackle how to set up a budget, the cornerstone of any personal finance plan. The household budget is where it all starts, and without a firm foundation in place, it’s easy for our long-term savings and retirement goals to slip from our grasp. That changes today when we work to conquer the household budget keep more of our hard-earned dollars. Budget nerds, unite! IN THIS WEEK’S EPISODE * Budget essentials * How to track expenses, especially discretionary spending * Differentiating between needs, savings and wants * The 50/20/30 Budget * How to pay yourself first, every month * Quick overview of Betterment HOW TO SET UP A BUDGET Money goes in and money goes out. As long as you’re not in the hole, you’re good and you’ve got budgeting on lock, right? Not so much. Budgeting is more involved than just making sure that you pay your necessities, like paying your bills on time, making sure that the mortgage or rent is paid, utilities, daycare/school, you know the costs that are there every month. It’s easy…