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Society encourages us to work hard so we can keep working our way up the corporate ladder so we can ultimately find success at the top. Along the way, we’ll see our income increase and almost inevitably so will our lifestyle. But, as we’re chasing happiness and always looking for more, what happens when we realize that happiness might have been at our heels the entire time. It’s time to put our personal and financial goals ahead of what society tells us our goals should be. IN THIS WEEK’S EPISODE * Our family’s exposure to the societal pressures of climbing the corporate ladder * How we use Personal Capital to free up time and focus on what matters most to us * The parable of the fisherman and the businessman * How focusing on “having enough” can help you simplify and streamline your life * Encouraging words to help you recapture and find your own happiness TRANSCRIPT Let’s start today with a quick story. Mrs. Modest and I have found ourselves moving around to different parts of the country due to our jobs…