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Figuring out how to calculate how inflation affects your retirement savings is made out to be a super-complicated process, requiring advanced math skills. What’s frustrating is that calculating how your retirement savings is impacted by inflation isn’t all that difficult. In today’s episode, we talk about the simple math of calculating inflation in retirement. IN THIS WEEK’S EPISODE * The over-complicated world of retirement calculators * A look at historical data to gauge rates of return and inflation * Introducing REAL rate of return * We talk about fees…again * How inflation works with the 4% rule The Simple Math of Calculating Inflation in Retirement Retirement calculations can be hard If you want to do any sort of retirement or long-term personal finance planning, you’ll inevitably find yourself at an online calculator. For figuring rates and assumptions, it can be easy to just go with whatever the online calculators spit out for an estimated rate of return, but without understanding the rate of return…