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If you manage your family’s personal finances, what would happen if the worst happened and you were no longer “available” to manage the household finances? In our house, I manage the finances, and Mrs. Modest is perfectly okay with that. If something happened to me, I don’t know if my wife would know the location of all our assets. Enter, the money binder. In today’s episode we talk about the importance of a money binder and how to create one today. IN THIS WEEK’S EPISODE * The importance of a money binder * The key components of a money binder * The importance of defining your investment philosophy * A discussion on managing passwords How to Create a Money Binder A money binder is much more than simply a list of your bank accounts. Your money binder is a key component to your personal finance plan to ensure your loved ones are able to keep your personal finance plan in place if something unfortunate happened to you. Below are the key sections that should be included in your money binder. So, go out and grab…