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Have you heard about the 4% Rule and how you can use it to safely make withdrawals from your savings in retirement? It can be a simple rule of thumb to make sure you’re able to withdraw enough money to cover your retirement expenses without needing to worry about running out of money before you run out of retirement. That would not be good. IN THIS WEEK’S EPISODE * Overview of the 4% Rule * Figuring out withdrawing for income or expenses * Talking about LearnVest and when to seek professional guidance * Challenges to the 4% Rule and why it’s not a good metric * Why the 4% Rule does provide a good rule of thumb * Why 4% might actually be a bit too conservative WHAT IS THE 4% RULE AND IS IT RIGHT FOR ME? If you’re just tuning into The Modest Millions Show, you’ll want to catch up on the first few episodes where we cover off on budgeting and some of the principles of the financial independence movement. Go ahead. Tap pause and go listen to those episodes and then come back. We’ll wait. Alright, welcome back!…