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What do you do when you have the option to contribute to either a Roth IRA or a traditional IRA? Is it better to take the tax break now in the hopes that the added investment juice and a projected lower tax rate in retirement leads to a larger nest egg? Or, is it better to use post-tax dollars now and not pay any taxes in retirement. We break it down and compare Roth vs traditional IRAs in this week’s episode. IN THIS WEEK’S EPISODE * Recap of Roth IRA accounts * How Traditional IRAs work * A look at historical income tax rates * Why I love Vanguard’s IRA products * Apples-to-apples comparison of Roth vs. traditional IRAs * Figuring out if Roth or Traditional IRAs works best for your situation TRANSCRIPT Before we dive in, let’s scoop a big helping of disclaimers. As I’ve said in previous episodes, and especially with this episode, I am NOT a professional, and when it comes to setting your actual financial plan, you should consider seeking professional advice. My goal here is to explore concepts and share…