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“Retirement” is such a dated term. It conjures images of senior citizens who have worked their whole life, only to retire with nothing to do. What if, instead, people gained financial independence so they could have the option to put their life skills to work and supplement their retirement income, allowing them to “retire” much earlier in life? IN THIS WEEK’S EPISODE * Traditional retirement model * New retirement model * The concept of “having enough” * Introducing the Goldilocks Goal * The 4% Rule * Why you should (still) check out Betterment * Defining financial independence and financial freedom THE NEW RETIREMENT MODEL AND THE GOLDILOCKS GOAL What is retirement? No really, how do you define it? There are two very different schools of thought when it comes to retirement. Let’s picture a traditional retirement scenario: * You work hard until you hit 65, 70 or 75, or whenever social security kicks in, if it does at all. You’ve got your nest egg that you so carefully incubated all these years ready. And,…