#50 | Forrest Gump II: Jenny’s Side
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Episode 50 marks Beyond The Box Set’s first full year on the air, so we knew we had to celebrate with a truly iconic movie choice. So sit down and join us as we pitch sequels to the tearjerking 90s classic Forrest Gump, aka Harry’s all-time favourite movie. In this episode we compare notes on how long each of us lasted before welling up, reveal the historical crossover scene that was wisely left on the cutting room floor, and debate whether Jenny Curran is the most unfairly maligned cinema character of the past thirty years… We also bring you a bumper selection of drinking games, including needlessly shirtless Lieutenant Dan, every time Jenny’s wigs signify a time jump and the occasional hints of Mama Gump’s dark side… Over twenty years after Tom Hanks hung up his running shoes and put little Haley Joel Osment onto the bus, it seems increasingly unlikely that a real Forrest Gump sequel will ever come to pass. Not that we let that spoil our fun as we dedicate the second half of this episode to pitching…