#43 | Krampus 2: The Satan Clause
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A horror-comedy about a Bavarian Christmas demon who feasts on the flesh of naughty children? Starring Adam Scott, Toni Collette and a gun-toting Conchata Ferrell? On paper Krampus sounds like our kind of holiday movie… but a messy script and a lot of uncomfortable tonal shifts left us feeling a little disappointed. That said, there was enough visual invention and dark humour in Michael Dougherty’s 2015 take on this twisted European folk tale to give us plenty to talk about in this episode. Join us as we discuss ambiguously Austrian grannies, psychotic gingerbread men and the right way to incorporate baby-eating into a family comedy… As always, we also brainstorm a few drinking games - including neglectful parenting, inappropriate reactions and instances of ‘Adam Scott face’ - before coming up with some fantasy sequel ideas. Would a twisted take on Tim Allen’s The Santa Clause or an action-packed Stranger Things crossover help this franchise to achieve a more comfortable balance of horror and comedy? We…