#7 | 50 First Dates or 50 Waking Nightmares?
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Is 50 First Dates a charming romantic comedy or the chilling tale of an abusive manchild manipulating a severely mentally ill woman into falling in love with him? We had mixed opinions on this 2004 Adam Sandler/Drew Barrymore vehicle, but its bizarre tonal shifts did provide a surprisingly rich source of potential sequel ideas. Join us as we dig far deeper into the internal logic of this movie than anyone involved in its creation ever did… beyondtheboxset.com twitter.com/beyondtheboxset facebook.com/beyondtheboxset 00:00 Intro 12:35 Pitch One – 50 Waking Nightmares 33:33 Pitch Two – 50 First Days 48:27 Guest Submissions and Episode Eight Preview