#29 | Her 2: Single White Operating System
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Is Spike Jonze’s Her a bittersweet futuristic romance or a chilling dystopian horror movie? As our two co-hosts pitch their sequel ideas, they discover that they had very different takes on this 2013 Oscar Winner… In the romance corner, Harry lets slip that – like Joaquin Phoenix – he’d happily be aurally pleasured by his smartphone, although he does take issue with a future dominated by pastel colour schemes. Representing team technophobe, John reveals the extent to which Her‘s central romance freaked him out, rails against a future dominated by high-waisted trousers and questions the data usage implications of OS1’s rapid information gobbling. Our fantasy sequels this week feature the Intelligent Operating Systems forming their own pressure group to escape the virtual chains of human slavery and a psychological thriller floating the theory that ‘Samantha’ was just the Amy Adams character playing mind games with Theo from day one… Every week on Beyond The Box Set, we take a classic standalone movie and…