#48 | Kiss Kiss Bang Bang 2: Ding Dong & Dynamite (feat. Easy Riders Raging Podcast)
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It’s the whip-smart cult comedy that revived Robert Downey Jr.’s career and rescued us from the prospect of Johnny Knoxville headlining the Iron Man Franchise. Shane Black’s Kiss Kiss Bang Bang combines classic Neo Noir references with a distinctly 21st century sensibility, making it just the kind of curious genre-crossover we love to sink our teeth into… With the invaluable assistance of our special guest Chris Johnston of Easy Riders Raging Podcast, we attempt to wrap our heads around the insanely convoluted plot of this movie, debate whether it’s OK to shamelessly objectify your female lead if you make a point of being self aware about it and question just what exactly the root cause might be of Val Kilmer’s increasingly alarming facial dimensions… Naturally we also get down to some sequel ideas, which this week include a Rush Hour-inspired location switch, a deconstruction of the original movie’s obsession with gay panic jokes and a lot of really terrible plays on the title. Kiss Kiss Cillit Bang,…