#111 | Fatal Attraction 2: Bitches Be Crazy
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Having recently discovered that Harry has only ever seen two Glenn Close movies in his life - one of which being Guardians of the Galaxy - we decided to dedicate a season to the iconic 7-time Oscar non-winner. First up, the terrifying 80s erotic thriller Fatal Attraction… In this movie, Glenn stars as Alex Forrest, a successful career woman who reacts rather poorly to being discarded by married sleaze-ball Michael Douglas after a one night stand. It starts as a compelling examination of mental illness and ends as a fairly silly thriller, but Glenn’s performance is one for the ages, and the movie was a genre-defining smash on release. Tune in to hear our thoughts on dishwater sex (we’re against it), the terrible mistreatment of poor Quincey the dog in this movie, and why Michael Douglas deserved pretty much everything he got… Oh yeah and sequel pitches, drinking games, etc. You know the drill. ——- Beyond The Box Set is a movie podcast with a twist. Each week, we take a classic standalone movie and compete to…