#27 | Interstellar 2: Introspection
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Is Interstellar Christopher Nolan’s funniest movie? This week on Beyond The Box Set, we’re joined by super fan Joe Timothy to pitch sequels to the time travel space epic that somehow makes room for a wisecracking robot and some unintentionally hilarious cameos… Along the way, we debate NASA’s questionable training strategies, Anne Hathaway’s baby problem and whether a movie about wormholes and time travel is pushing credibility a little too far by expecting us to believe that Matthew McConaughey and Jessica Chastain are the same age… As ever, once we’ve fully talked out the movie itself, we get down to business with some fantasy sequel ideas. This week’s pitches include a deep sleep entertainment program that finds Cooper and Brand playing through a virtual Christopher Nolan Greatest Hits, a tense psychological thriller with a Fight Club-esque twist and a crossover into a galaxy far, far away… Every week on Beyond The Box Set, we take a classic standalone movie and compete to pitch the most ridiculous…