#56 | 2001: A Space Odyssey (feat. BBC’s Larry & Paul)
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Stanley Kubrick’s 1968 interstellar masterpiece 2001: A Space Odyssey features on pretty much every list of the top movies to see before you die. Its 1984 sequel is less fondly remembered - in fact, we had no idea it even existed. So along with our special guests Larry and Paul from BBC Radio Leeds, we decided to collectively deny its very existence and come up with some follow-up ideas of our own. Join us as we discuss artistic boredom, passive aggressive operating systems and the respective merits of watching this movie drunk, hung over or on a cocktail of psychotropic drugs - not that we endorse any of that sort of behaviour, you understand… We also pitch our sequels to the movie, including a Star Wars style expanded universe, a look at the awkward teen years of the iconic space baby and an action-adventure drawing on some of the many, many sci-fi films that have shamelessly ripped this movie off over the years. ——- Beyond The Box Set is a movie podcast that asks the question ‘What if every great movie…