#55 | Run Amélie Run (feat. Think Outside The Box Set)
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A whimsical French comedy with some deceptively twisted themes, Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s Amélie is a delightful ode to love, fate and the power of connection, bolstered by a star-making turn by Audrey Tautou. But do the film’s visual invention and romantic tone mask something darker at the heart of the story? In our first Patreon crossover special, friend of the show Nathan Hunt - of our near namesake podcast Think Outside The Box Set - joins us to discuss how what with all the stalking, gaslighting and parental neglect on display, Amélie is basically a Roald Dahl story told with a Wes Anderson sensibility - in French. No wonder we loved it… Nathan also sticks around to help brainstorm some 2018-friendly sequels to the movie, including a timeline-jumping crossover with another classic of early 21st century European cinema and a spin-off inspired by a relatively obscure children’s educational TV show. Never let it be said that we’re predictable! ——- Beyond The Box Set is a top ten TV & Film podcast officially…