#45 | Jingle All The Way 2: Jingle Bell Rock (Feat. One Good Thing)
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December 21, 2017
Podcast crossover! In the fourth and final instalment of our 2017 festive mini-season, Paul and Paul from One Good Thing join us to discuss Arnold Schwarzenegger’s utterly shameless Christmas cash-in ‘Jingle All The Way’. Released in 1996, Jingle All The Way tells the heartwarming tale of a workaholic father attempting to compensate for a year’s worth of neglect by buying his son a highly coveted ‘Turbo Man’ action figure for Christmas. Critics described the movie as ‘crass’ ‘cynical’ and ‘painfully unfunny’ - and those were some of the kinder reviews - but it made money at the box office and endures as a questionable Christmas classic to this day. Tune in as we discuss Schwarzenegger’s nonexistant comic timing, Jake Lloyd’s inexplicable journey from this to ‘Star Wars’, why Sinbad’s character is clearly in the midst of a serious psychotic episode and the mysterious phenomenon that is Phil Hartman - suburban sex God. We also engage in our first ever ‘pod-off’ - pitching our joint ‘Jingle All The Way’ sequel…