S02E06-How to specialize your business with Sara-Dunn
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Sara learned that being a generalist meant that every time she took on some sort of new task or service, it was slow to figure out and she wasn’t always billing hourly so that burden fell on her to ramp up as fast as possible. When she took on services or clients that were similar, she had already done all the learning and education. She was in a better position to sell form and market herself because she had experience in it. Completing the work was faster too because she already had some process to work through. Back in 2015, she sent out an email to her team with the benefits of specializing:More efficientProduced better workEasier to marketPositioned as an expertStrong negotiating position And then away they went. I finally feel like I’m selling something where I can say I have more knowledge than the other person you’re talking to. via @sara11d Sara went through a lot of the struggles and emotions a lot of entrepreneurs go through and very much felt on her own island. But she found that by publishing…