#22: Pinterest Head of Design, August De Los Reyes, on ending disability through better design
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August de los Reyes is the Head of Design & Research at Pinterest. In this episode, he shares how a personal life event forever altered his outlook on design, what inclusive design means to him, and why diverse teams have the best shot at combatting disabilities and exclusion. FOLLOW US Twitter: http://twitter.com/highrespodcast Facebook: http://facebook.com/highrespodcast iTunes: http://bit.ly/highresitunes Google Play: http://bit.ly/highresgoogle Get early access to the next episode: http://highresolution.design/early-access THANKS TO OUR PARTNERS IBM – IBM’s mission is simple: put the user at the center of our products. If you are a passionate problem-solver, able to empathize with users and turn that empathy into design insight, we want you to join us in creating exceptional experiences that span our vast product portfolio. Learn about the team! http://bit.ly/ibmsponsor InVision – InVision is the world’s leading product design platform, powering the future of digital product design through our deep…