FINALE! #25: This final episode gets fiery with Bobby and Jared as they down 3 Japanese whiskies and go beyond design
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Bobby Ghoshal (co-founder of Candid Co.) and Jared Erondu (Design at Lattice) are the co-hosts of High Resolution. In this episode, they turn the cameras—and the questions—on themselves to ask each other 10 questions. From how they both got started as designers, to the lessons that have had the most profound impact on their careers. They give it everything they’ve got. FOLLOW US Twitter: Facebook: iTunes: Google Play: Get early access to the next episode: THANKS TO OUR PARTNERS Squarespace – Squarespace is a SaaS-based content management system offering a website builder, eCommerce, and domains. We’re big fans of Squarespace, they’re a must-have for startups, photographers, bloggers or hobbyists looking to put up a beautifully designed digital presence! Get 10% off your first purchase on Squarespace. InVision –…