4: Fernando Pessoa
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On Portuguese writer Fernando Pessoa and the playful freedom of creating as someone else — someone distinct, and unique, but non-existent. (Pessoa wrote under hundreds of names, all of which belonged to people he called "heteronyms," or "non-existent acquaintances." He's an extraordinary example of something actually quite common in literature.) Music by Chris Zabriskie, Lee Rosevere, Kai Engel, The New Valleys, Richard Moss. Songlist: NirvanaVEVO by Chris Zabriskie Scattered Knowledge by Revolution Void I Am a Man Who Will Fight for Your Honor by Chris Zabriskie Sunset by Kai Engel Places Unseen by Lee Rosevere Under Suspicion by Lee Rosevere Puzzle Pieces by Lee Rosevere Reflections by Lee Rosevere Featherlight (remix - vocals by Heather Feather) by Lee Rosevere Carry On by The New Valleys Thanks to my Patreon backers and PayPal donors for supporting the show. Especially Anuar Lequerica, whose very generous monthly pledge will help me buy a professional voice recorder for easier and higher-quality…