7: Ausretrogamer
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When Alex Boz dug his Commodore 64 out of storage, he was transported instantly back to his childhood, and that set him on the path to rediscover a lost passion and find a community he could call home. Thank you to everyone who's donated via PayPal or Patreon so far — especially Anuar Lequerica and James Weiner, whose very generous monthly pledges are helping me buy new gear to make a better-sounding show. Alex Boz runs the Ausretrogamer website and Twitter handle. Song Credits: Oneiri and Remedy for Melancholy by Kai Engel Under Suspicion and Snakes by Lee Rosevere The Life and Death of a Certain K Zabriskie, Patriarch by Chris Zabriskie Python, Ladybug Castle, and Itsumo no yō ni by Rolemusic Passing Time by BoxCat Games Scattered Knowledge by Revolution Void Cheap for Free by Aglow Hollow C64 Revenge by hkisve Welcome Player, Epilogue, and End Credits by Visager The Adventure by Mikael Norrgard And samples from Super Mario Bros for Nintendo Entertainment System and the Commodore 64 game Decathlon I also…