05. Mastodon
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In this week’s episode I talk about Mastodon - a new open source social network which is growing fast and taking on Twitter. Subscribe and listen: Apple Podcasts / iTunes Pocket Casts Overcast Stitcher RSS Mentioned in the show Mastodon Instances User Guide Apps Full Mastodon Documentation How Mastodon usernames work As mentioned in the show you can register in any of the 850+ instances. Within each Mastodon instance, usernames just appear as @username, similar to Twitter. Users from other instances appear, and can be searched for and followed, as @user@instancename.ext. So for example, my username is @ajaykarwal on the mastodon.social instance can be followed from other instances as @ajaykarwal@mastodon.social. When you’re not logged in, the easiest way to find a user is to rearrange the full username into a url like https://mastodon.social/@ajaykarwal It’s a little confusing at first but it makes sense. It’s a bit like email. You sign up on a particular email service but you can contact anyone on any email…